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140830 We Love Gangwon K-POP Concert @ Chuncheon

BESTie (Dahye Fancam)
Pitapat [2014.05.24]


his smile is so precious ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

fan: who is the member that you want to take care of, the one who you feel uneasy leaving alone!

rise: eunbi!!!!!!♡
two angels may have left this earth physically, but they will forever live on in our hearts. may the two of you watch over this world together and i wish the best to your families. thank you for fighting so hard and thank you for touching our lives in such an intimate way. rest in peace rise and eunbi ♥

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랩몬입니다. 너무나 안타까운 일이 다시 한 번 일어나고 말아 정말 슬픕니다.. 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다. 부디 좋은 곳에서 편히 계셨으면 좋겠습니다.

I’m Rap Mon. It’s very very sad that such an unfortunate thing has to happen once again.. May their souls rest in peace. I hope they’ll comfortably rest in the better place.

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Rest in peace unnamed driver


It seems a lot of people don’t give a shit about him, but he’s human too and I hope his family and close ones goes through this hard time like the others who have died but unlike them, he has no fans to pray for him and his family or a tag.

This is probably the only thing I will post that’s related to the car accident.

So it’s not just 1 or 2.

It’s 3 people.